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Since 1960 I have been a professional fine
artist expressing my reaction to world events, the flowing movement of dance, abstract movement, and nature. These subjects in mediums of pen & India ink, low relief wood carvings, acrylic painting and clay sculpture
are all a part of me, even though they seem quite diverse. It is the evolution, the process, that most excites me.

During these years I have combined my drawing with my love of literature, and have had four books published of drawings, illustrated by quotations: To Life, Tears of the Prophets, The Crown of Life and The Hands of Life. I also created a Passover Haggadah, which has had
5 printings selling twenty-four thousand copies. In 2018 I created a book called Passage, which
is an abstract concept of a life.

In addition, for the past 44 years I have been teaching an after-school program for the
‘gifted in art’ high school age student in my studio. Students develop skills and enrich
their creativity. By their senior year all of my students have a portfolio of high-quality work
for college admission.

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